Sumartin, a village and harbor in the cove of the same name on the south-eastern coast of the island of Brac; population 618. Chief occupations are farming, viniculture, olive growing, fishing and tourism. Situated on the regional road running along the island; ferry port and connection with Makarska. Smaller vessels can berth in the port, and larger vessels can anchor in the center of the cove.

An oasis of peace until recently, with the Franciscan monastery and the land surrounding it offering a view on an ancient sacred area, the Sumartin of today represents, together with Supetar and Bol, the gate to the island of Brac. Ferry traffic, tourist yachts and local trawlers as well as a visit to the nice museum of the monastery give an impression of a lively tourist resort.

The unpolluted sea (bathing is possible even in the port), the fresh fish catch of the local trawlers, primarily the beautiful nature, the possibility to enjoy intact scenery of the island where wholesome food (cheese, honey, lamb, wine) is produced, as well as the entertainment offer of nearby Bol make Sumartin an attractive summer resort.