Milna alongside Bobovisce is the only settlement on the west coast of the island of Brac. Positioned deep inside the largest haven on the island, it is well protected against winds, but exposed to the warm sun. Like no other island’s town, it preserved the harmony of fishermen’s houses and rural architecture in the background with winding roads going to vineyards and olive-groves. This town, more than any other on the island, is oriented toward the sea through fishing and maritime affairs.

Whoever takes the road over Zaglav into picturesque dales of Brac’s south-western coast, should visit Osibova bay (the name comes from Josipova=Joseph’s) and see there the restored Gothic church of St. John and the new St. Joseph’s church from 1863. In the later one can see the Venetian chalice of St. Joseph to which sailors took vows when in trouble seas.